Church History


History of Our Congregation

The Hisotry of the United Church of Christ is one of mergers. So, too, is our congregation. In the 1960's, two local congregations decided it was time to combine their efforts. On June 3, 1962 the members of the Willoughby Evangelical and Reformed, UCC on Sharpe Road and The First Congregational Church of Eastlake previously at corner E 337th Street and Vine Street, (now where the Citizens Bank is located). signed The Basis of Union.  The Preamble says:


"We, the members of The Willoughby United Church of Christ and the First Congregational Church of Eastlake, in a sincere desire to bring hope out of a necessary relocation, and moved by the convictions that we each have qualities helpful to the other, from which a strong congregation can be formed, do acknowledge our oneness in spirit, purpose, and determination to establish, in a new community, a Christian Church.


To this end, we now declare ourselves to be one body, and set forth the following articles of agreement as a basis for our life, fellowship, and witness together."


Although not a merger, at the end of 2015 the Fellowship United Church of Christ in Wickliffe closed. Nineteen people came and joined us.



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